Friday, September 20, 2013

Never Stop Trying!

I have been climbing for 8 years now. With my mind fixed on boulders, and my heart sold to the land of the rock. No amount of effort can guarantee that I reach the summit of any given problem. Days and months and YEARS spent trying single projects... and single moves on those single projects, and no real assurance that I will ever reach the top, yet like so many other people we just keep trying. The answers are different for many people out there, but our primal nature, that blood born drug infused inside us says to push. Some deep entanglement of consciousness steps out of the shadows, and it is revealed. It doesn't matter how difficult a single project stands to the world of climbers... it's how demanding that single project is to that single climber. And my body has been rocked time and time again. My muscles tense, pulsating with blood under the beat of my own heart.

This video is simple, nothing fancy... but documents an ascent of so much importance to my soul. It is because this project was finally finished that I can get off this god forsaken rock. Lured in by beauty and captivated as by some wild Orchid. This stone I would come to know was a lesson of patience, persistence, consciousness, hatred, flaws, lies in disbelief, morals and suffering. Throw away the idea that it was about skill or pain management. This was no fucking temptress to my existence. Fallen over and over, bloodied hands and feet, lost in the music blasting from my head phones. I promise every moment on that stone was a fight for my life, inside. From the moment my feet left the ground I had forgotten all about you, all about my family, the jobs and bills stacking up. Free, sure! Happy... eventually. I didn't come to be happy, I came to be challenged... and that is why the next project awaits. I am Happy knowing there is a challenge out there.