Monday, November 18, 2013

Projecting to Completion

Triumph shall give way,
 and unto the dying fearless
strength will externalize its certainty

Going on 8 years of climbing now. 2009 was the discovery of a project that would have my soul anchored for nearly 5 years. Challenged by every move on such a minuscule short climb. I could have swore this climb did not exit after the first two years of failed attempts. 2012/13 became the realization of a new view on projecting hard routes. Every year I would return and not only find a solid sequence through the next brave move, but would also have developed a clearer vision on it's potential for completion.

Throw Back 2009
Surrender proj, completely out of sequence!

Footage 2013 of a multi year project come to completion. Its a silly edit, but glad to try shooting the footage myself. It was super fun. :) Hope you enjoy!!!

Dome Rock bouldering from Danny Baker on Vimeo.

The rise of 2013 is when the image of climbing at my full potential would awaken. Throughout the previous 8 years I accumulated  6 of the most challenging projects I had ever faced.
1. Snow Bound Patriot- first ascent 2010 Dome Rock, Wy
2. Surrender- first ascent 2013 Dome Rock, Wy
3. World View- first ascent 2013 Pathfinder, Wy
4. Cloud Nine- first ascent 2013 Alcova, Wy
5. Rain Dancer- Project... Medicine Bow National Forest, Wy
6. Devil Ray- Project... Devils Gate, Wy
(More on the rise in the Alcova Boulder, Wy)
The last two stand still as proud unclimbed projects awaiting a First Ascent. I have sent hundreds and hundreds of routes both first ascent and repeat problems, but none compare to the 6 climbs mentioned above. Something in each climb that bonds with my soul... so personal this quest to ascend. This year unlike so many others has proven to be the year of strength, source, sensitivity and vibrance. Unlike each year I spent this year dedicated to each project, scrubbing, preping, cleaning from bare ground to the very tip top of the boulders highest point. Like caring for a baby these boulders come down to a very scientific approach for breaching certainty.

Devil Ray- Proj...
Rain Dancer Proj...

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